Career Change

Most of my ​career I​ have been working in ​the telecom industry, but always felt that something was missing. ​

So I​ decided to leave a few years ago and try other options ​and​ found GA who challenged me day by day.

I found my love for coding and excitement for learning more.

I am currently looking for a role as a junior full stack or front end developer where I can keep learning and contributing.

Why a Developer?

When I was younger, every time someone gave me a toy I would disassemble it and try to rebuild it, so I've always been interested in problems solving.

I've always been curious about how an app or a website has been built.

I like the creative part that comes with it because if the code logic makes a page functional the colours shapes and animations makes it alive.

I get huge satisfaction from having something I have built from a blank page gaining life, and solving all the problems that come with it until it is finished. Just seeing someone use a website I have worked on is incredibly rewarding.

Ps: Love JavaScript, addicted to Football Manager and Benfica