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Project Four @ GA WDI

LifeLine is a MEAN stack app, stackoverflow version with chat (chatoverflow). So after one person creates a new post that needs help, someone else can click on a post ​and start a 1on1 chat with ​them.

I​ also ​wanted to use something new that we have not covered during the course like and Angular Material, it was quite hard because ​I​ had to learn something, use it and be able to have initial version to show on the presentation day.

So one week after finishing the course I came back to this project to improve it, but I was not happy with it. I decided to change the project. After deleting most of it the new idea for this project is to be able to listen to a music playlist and chat with coder’s at the same time.

Actual page functionalities:

  • Chat room.
  • Be able to see online users.
  • Youtube iframe with some music list.

Future functionalities:

  • Chat individually with users.
  • Be able to add music to the playlist.
  • Integrate Youtube API to search videos.

Some of the technologies used:

  • Node.js
  • AngularJS
  • Angular Material
  • MongoDB
  • Socket.IO
  • bcrypt and passport

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